ROCKIT apple blasts off at NACS 2015

In a first-time experience, the leading tree fruit companies Borton Fruit & Chelan Fresh exhibited at the 2015 National Association for Convenience Stores Show. Sky Johnson with Borton Fruit attended the conference with hopes of gaining insight of the convenience store industry.

“Exhibiting at NACS 2015 was a great experience. Chelan Fresh & Borton Fruit positioned the ROCKIT® apple at the event with the intensions of spreading awareness for the emerging apple variety’s brand and to learn more about how the convenience store industry operates” said Sky.

“We (the tree fruit industry) have been watching the emerging buzz around the convenience sector’s effort to position healthier options. This increased calling for new products is something we hope to explore with the apple variety, ROCKIT®. The packaging and snackable size of this great eating variety seems to complement the existing merchandising environment found in the average convenience store” he went onto say.

Packaged vertically with multiple apples in a single sellable unit, we look forward to gaining traction in the convenience industry as availability increases over the next couple years.

With 20,000+ attendees at NACS 2015, those who spotted the ROCKIT® had overly positive feedback and questions about the ROCKIT® which can be summarized in one question, “When can I get this in my stores!?!”

The excitement I observed at NACS 2015 for ROCKIT® was unlike anything I have seen at other food shows I’ve attended. Perhaps it was the surprise of seeing a new apple variety or the eye-catching tube packaging; but almost every person who looked at the ROCKIT® booth stopped to ask, “Is that an apple?”

“It was refreshing and encouraging to receive the wave of interests that the ROCKIT® apple created. Moving forward we have a number of questions to still yet answer but no doubt that our exposure and conversations around the ROCKIT® apple at NACS 2015 strengthened our belief that this truly is something special” summarized Sky.

Stay tuned for more updates on the ROCKIT® from Borton Fruit.


Posted October 20, 2015

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