New Crop Harvest Update

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit’s 2015 Apple and Pear harvest is well underway.  We are done picking our pears and are working diligently to get the rest of the apple crop off the trees.  Over the course of the last two weeks, we have started harvesting Braeburns, Cameos, Red Romes and Red Delicious.  

“The Braeburns have looked outstanding this season” stated Chad, our quality assurance manager.  “They are beautiful, clean, and have wonderful coloring” he went onto say.  “Cameos are the same, exceptional color with very few defects seen thus far” he said.  “We have received very limited volumes of new crop Red Romes and Red Delicious at this time, but so far they look great and pressures seem to be right where they need to be” said Chad.

“All varieties received so far have had outstanding pressures and eat really well.  Overall this year’s crop looks and tastes remarkable” Chad advises. 

We will be continuing to harvest apples through November, ending with our beautiful Pink Lady variety.  We should begin packing volumes toward the end of October or early November.

Please reach out to your Borton sales representative today for pricing and volume discussions on our well-rounded manifest of new crop Apples and Pears.  If you plan to attend PMA this year, come by booth #727 and see all new crop apple and pear varieties on display!


Posted October 07, 2015

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