Meet Misael Bahena, our featured employee of the month!

Yakima, WA – Borton & Sons, Inc. would like to feature another key employee that has been with our company for 17 Years!  Misael Bahena brings a multitude of knowledge to our team and has been involved in many faucets on the production side of our business since he’s been with Borton.

Misael was born in Mexico.  He moved to the states in 1980, residing in the Cowiche/Tieton area just northwest of the Yakima Valley.  “My first job was a fieldman position for a ranch out in Cowiche” stated Misael.  “I worked in the field for a couple different companies prior to coming to Borton” he went onto say.  Misael’s field experience exposed him to the orchard side of the business.  He did pruning, thinning and picking for about 8 years.

“My Mom worked for Borton for some time and told me about an opening so I thought I’d apply” said Misael.  He was hired in July of 1998 as a sorter for the packing line.  “I was excited to try something on the other side of the business” he continued. 

Misael worked on the packing line for a couple years, getting really familiar with what was needed in all aspects of packing fruit.  He then went to the receiving side for some time.  He worked the bin drencher, which washes all the apples coming in from the field prior to being taken to storage.  He would enter all the receiving tickets and keep everything organized to then go through the next processes.  He was then moved back into the warehouse and learned the soft net bagging machine system as well as how to run the box/stamper machine. 

As if all of this didn’t make him valuable enough, Misael then began his next adventure as a Borton employee which consisted of pallet tagging and inventory management.  Misael was involved in this role for about 10 years.  “Knowing most of the systems and how things were done out in the warehouse really helped me when moving into managing inventory” Misael said. 

Misael has recently moved into his most current role which entails entering and balancing the daily pack-outs and keeping up with grower maintenance.  “Each day I gather all of the information packed on all lines from each Supervisor and get them entered in our system.  This takes some auditing, balancing weights (bin to box ratios), and emailing the growers to keep them in tune with each lot of fruit” said Misael. 

Misael has been married to his wife Martha for 15 years.  They have 4 children and are a very close family.  “We enjoy spending as much time together as we can outdoors going for walks, camping, and hiking around in the mountains as a family” said Misael.

Thank You Misael for all you have done for us over the years.  You have proven that no matter what challenge we throw your direction, you can adapt and take it on full stride.  We are very thankful to have you here as a part of our team.

Posted September 24, 2015

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