Borton Fruit New Crop Update

Yakima, WA – Borton is continuing to add new varieties to our new crop product mix each week.  The latest varietal additions we’ve began packing are Granny Smith Apples as well as both Bosc and Red D’Anjou Pears.

“The Granny Smith’s I’ve seen have been really nice!” states Chad, our Quality Assurance Manager.  “They are really green, some with a light blush.  We’ve been seeing really clean fruit so far with no punctures, few limb-rubs and defects.  Pressures are very good and overall quality is excellent on all lots we’ve received thus far,” he went onto say. 

“The pears we’ve been getting in are very clean as well, even for the Bosc pears!  Bosc pears aren’t the best looking pear sometimes but this year, they seem to have much less russet than normal which is improving their overall appearance” stated Chad.  “The Red D’Anjou Pears are clean as well.  The overall quality on the few lot’s we’ve seen so far is great; sizing has been a bit smaller than last year” he said.

Borton plans to begin packing New Crop Braeburns, Red Delicious and Red Rome Beauty’s later this week and first part of next.  Stay tuned to see how those varieties are faring out once we get going.


Posted September 16, 2015

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