New Study Associates Apple Skin with Recovering Aging Muscles

Yakima, WA – We all know apples are beneficial for our health, and the great news continues getting better.  Each year multiple studies are done that associate apples with benefiting the human body in so many ways.  Borton Fruit wanted to share a recent study and give you just one more reason to eat more apples!

(According to a recent study out of the U of Iowa and an article published Sept 9th on )

Apples hold a unique natural compound found in the skin that might be promising for recovering muscle weakness as we age.

The study shows signs that elderly mice fed the compound held in apple’s skin, called ursolic acid, obtained a 10 percent increase in muscle mass and 30 percent increase in strength.

Read the article linked above to learn more about the interaction of ursolic acid found in apple skin and the recovery of muscle loss due to aging.

An Apple a day, makes you stronger hooray!

(original study : University of Iowa by Christopher Adams :


Posted September 10, 2015

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