2015 Apple & Pear Harvest Continues

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit’s 2015 Apple & Pear harvest is coming along nicely.  The quality on all varieties received to date has been outstanding, with very little defects surfacing.  “The Honeycrisp Apples we started last week are averaging in size ranges 88’s, 100’s and teens.  They are showing great color and are very crunchy.  Pressures and Brix are right where they need to be and they seem to be eating really well,” stated Chad Chronister, our Quality Assurance Manager.

Borton Fruit is one of the industry’s largest Honeycrisp suppliers.  When many people were close to giving up on this extremely tough variety to grow back in the early 90’s, Bill and John saw the potential and decided to add it to our product mix in 1998.  Our V Trellis system has worked wonders with this unique apple.  Honeycrisp trees have a tendency to bear more fruit towards the bottom, getting them to grow “up” requires strict training and methodical pruning and fertilizer. 

Today Honeycrisp apples remain the focal point in their category.  The texture of the apple is tremendously unique and the flavor has spawned a plethora of copycats, none of which have dethroned this wonderful apple.  The perfect balance of sugar and starch in the apple creates an eating experience like no other.  The large cell structure in the fruit makes the texture extremely juicy, while still maintaining a solid crunch. 

Contact your Borton Sales Representative today to get our New Crop Honeycrisp Apples in your store!

Borton Fruit will be adding new crop D’Anjou Pears and Golden Delicious Apples to the mix this week as we plan to begin packing both varieties.  Stay tuned for a quality update on these as well as what’s to come next!

Posted August 24, 2015

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