Meet Alvaro Nava, our featured employee of the month!

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit would like to feature a very special employee this month, Alvaro Nava.  Alvaro and his wife Yolanda have been very big parts of the Borton Family’s lives over the years and we are honored to have such great people involved in our business.

Alvaro moved to the United States when he was 17 years old.  He had friends here in the valley that worked for Borton so upon his arrival in 1987, he filled out an application and was hired out in the field picking apples and thinning the trees.  He worked out in the field for a couple years and then was brought into the warehouse to help with maintenance, etc.  He ended up meeting his wife Yolanda Gonzalez at 19 as she was sorting apples at the time here for Borton. 

Since Alvaro and Yolanda have met and married, they have both gone different directions within the company.  Alvaro and Yolanda dedicated most of their time over the past 10 years taking care of John Borton’s parents until they passed away.  They were amazing care takers and allowed for both Richard and Veta to be comfortable in their home until it was their time to go.  “Both Dick and Veta will always hold a special place in my heart, they were both such great people” stated Alvaro.  Alvaro is now taking care of all maintenance and landscaping for all Borton Family homes and businesses. “I thank God to be working for the Borton Family, I am very blessed for all they have done for my family” said Alvaro.

Alvaro and Yolanda have 7 children and love spending time together doing fun activities as a family, especially playing soccer.  Alvaro is quite the soccer and football fan.  During football season, he really enjoys having all of his kids and grandkids over to root on the Seahawks as they are all very big fans. 

Thank You Alvaro Nava for taking such great care of our family here.  You have done such an amazing job with everything that has been handed your way.  It’s hard to find people you can completely trust and rely on, and for that we are the ones who are thankful.


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Posted May 28, 2015

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