Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit’s Denny Annen, President of Sales & Marketing, and Lindsay Ehlis, Asst. Director of Sales & Marketing, just returned from Scottsdale, AZ after attending the Produce for Better Health’s annual conference, the consumer connection.  This year the conference was from March 16th – 18th.  This 3 day seminar was packed full of high-energy sessions touching on a number of different topics while uniting retailers, supermarket dietitians, suppliers, grower/shippers and processors in the produce industry.

“The seminar touched on many interesting topics that really tie in with my daily responsibilities here in the office,” stated Lindsay.  “From marketing to consumer trends and social media, I took many notes with intention of applying certain suggestions and points made to my daily processes.” She went onto say.  The venue offers great opportunities for networking in addition to the keynote presentations and workshops completed each day. 

Each year, the Produce for Better Health awards the companies involved in support of the program with Role Model and Champion awards.  These awards are given to those companies that meet a certain criteria provided by the Pbh.  Borton & Sons, Inc. is proud to support this foundation and was honored to receive the Role Model Award for the second year in a row.  In addition to the Role Model Award, the Pbh started an ambassador program in 2013 that recognizes the individuals within the companies that are working hard to gain support of their program.  Lindsay Ehlis became an ambassador last year and was one of the 5 people selected this year to receive the Ambassador Excellence Award.  “I was so honored to accept this award in support of this foundation.  The Pbh provides so many avenues for our consumers to learn the benefits of our products as an industry.  It was also very coincidental that the day I received this award was also my 12th year anniversary to our industry and being a part of Borton Fruit” stated Lindsay.

To learn more about the Produce for Better Health Foundation and their mission in getting our consumers to increase their fruit and vegetable intake on a daily basis to better their health, please see below link’s to their user friendly websites.





Posted March 23, 2015

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