Meet Eddie Alcala, Our Featured Employee of the Month

Yakima, WA – Borton Fruit has been blessed with amazing people that make this company whole.  Being Borton Fruit is vertically integrated, our process begins out in the field, which makes Eddie Alcala a very valuable leader in an imperative position in the business.    

Eddie was born in Aquila, Michoacan Mexico.  He moved out to the Yakima Valley in 1976, when he was just 16 years old.  “I wanted a change and came out to Washington at 16 on my own, I didn’t know anybody in the area when I moved here,” stated Eddie.  He got a job right away working in a Cowiche hop orchard and worked there for a few months before coming our direction.  

Eddie started working for Borton in 1977.  He started out pruning with Jose Bautista in Wiley.  “When I started there was a max of 20 employees on our picking crew,” stated Eddie.  Eddie first learned to pick and prune, and then started driving company tractors and did some hauling bins during harvest.  He then started helping with mowing the orchards and then moved over to spraying. 

Eddie left the Borton Crew’s for about a year when one of our Ranch directors, Rick VanVleck, who also shared work with another farmer in the valley moved Eddie over to supervising his ranches.  After about a year of doing that, Borton was in need of some really good truck drivers and Rick decided to have Eddie try that out for a little while.  “I drove trucks during harvest for about two years, hauling fruit between ranches and receiving at the warehouses,” Eddie said.  “I was also supervising pruning in the orchards between harvest,” he went onto say.

In 1995, Rick VanVleck and David Silvernail were convinced Eddie needed to be a big part of our supervising team out in the field and they made him a full-time supervisor.  “Our crew started our first season off pruning, planning trees, deflowering the trees, thinning, picking and then watching over orchards,” Eddie said.  Eddie is now one of our main head Fieldman who other supervisor’s really look to for guidance and direction.  He has done a really good job for Borton in his 38 years here, and has seen that arena evolve into what it is today.  Borton continues planting more orchards each year, Eddie has seen our harvest team grow from 20 people to about 800 today. 

In addition to being a hard worker here, Eddie has raised farm animals for years.  He enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Susuki Alcala and their four children Wendy, Eddie, Conchita and Rick.  Eddie also enjoys playing pool.

“I have really enjoyed working for Borton, they have been very good to me.  I hope to retire from here in years to come,” Eddie said. 

Thank You Eddie for your experience, knowledge, leadership and dedication to Borton.  You have been very valuable to our company and we also hope you are here until you retire! 

Posted February 20, 2015

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