Meet Trino Olivera, Borton's current longest term Field Supervisor

Yakima, WA – Borton and Sons, Inc. is very appreciative for our long term, key employees that contribute so much to our business.    We’ve been featuring people inside the office and warehouse so far and it was time to jump out to the field and feature our longest term field supervisor, Trinidad Olivera.

Trinidad, known as Trino, moved to Yakima from Colima, Mexico in 1975.  Upon arrival, he began working at Sunquist for roughly 6 years picking apples.

Trino started with Borton Fruit in August of 1981, marking 33 years to date, and he has been such an asset to our team.  For his first three years as a Borton employee, Trino picked pears out in the field. He was then asked to move into warehouse operations with another employee to start stacking boxes which then grew into making the boxes by hand and with a machine.  Trino kept the growth going and was then taught to operate and drive a forklift which then progressed into driving a delivery truck for the company.  He would deliver local shipments as well as move fruit between appropriate warehouses.  He even did landscaping for the company houses in addition to everything else, Trino took pride in his work and conquered everything thrown his direction.

Trino’s ambition was definitely noticed, and he was approached by Rick VanVleck to become a supervisor for the field.  “With some hesitation, being my first reply was no, I was persuaded into taking the role and have not regretted it one bit,” stated Trino.  He has been a field supervisor for 20 years now!    “I really enjoy being a part of this company, when I started supervising there were 2 crews and now we’re at 14 crews and expanding.  They were bringing in approximately 35,000-40,000 bins and now my crews are at 400,000+ bins,” he went onto say.   Trino has been a key employee in a very important role through the largest expansion this company as ever seen.  We are very thankful for the knowledge and guidance he has brought to the table over his time here, we couldn’t have done it with-out you Trino.

In addition to the hard work and dedication, Trino truly enjoys time with his family.  He’s been happily married for 27 years now and has two sons and one daughter.  His oldest son is a 3rd grade teacher at Hoover Elementary, and his other two children are still in school.  Trino also enjoys fishing and hunting deer.

Thank You Trino for being dedicated to applying 100% to everything you do.  You are a true leader in one of the most important roles in our company, and we are thankful for all of your efforts. 



Posted December 23, 2014

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